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Understanding "focused item" and "hot item"

Posted: 26.04.2015, 21:38
by Bruce Fraser
First of all, thanks for your patience with a newbie. I've recently moved to FC/XE as my file manager of choice.

Part 1) The Help file (Tools - Settings - Select items - Tab General) defines "hot item" as "the item beneath the mouse."
I can't find a definition of "focused item" anywhere in either the Help file or in the forum; but based on how it's used, it appears to be, in my own words: "the item which the keyboard is pointing to, by using arrow and other keys."

In other words, the two are almost the same: the hot item is what the mouse is pointing at; the focused item is what the keyboard is pointing at. At times they will be the same thing.

Have I got that right?

Part 2) If I'm understanding "hot item" correctly, then it seems to me that the Setting for choosing colour for "hot item" in Settings - Select items is not working, for either "General" or "NC-Mode". That is, I try making changes in those settings, first one, and then the other; but nothing changes in the program when the mouse is hovering over a file.

Re: Understanding "focused item" and "hot item"

Posted: 27.04.2015, 12:10
by Karol
Hot item - when the mouse is hovered over the item.