Why is "split flie" option disabled?

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Why is "split flie" option disabled?

#1 Post by midagama » 23.03.2015, 17:30

I have been using Freecommander for a long time....but I'm still using a very old version because I got the "split file" button enabled.

I can't find another topic about it.

Why is that option disabled? Can I do something to use it in the new versions?


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Re: Why is "split flie" option disabled?

#2 Post by joby_toss » 23.03.2015, 18:16

I think it's just not implemented yet.

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Re: Why is "split flie" option disabled?

#3 Post by Free4all » 20.04.2015, 08:53

Until it is implemented, you can keep both FreeCommander and FreeCommanderXE installed on the same system. When you need to split a file, you'll have to load the old version, but for almost everything else you can use XE. I think quite a few people do this because XE doesn't have FTP yet. Another choice is to use XE, but get a small file splitting utility, and add it to your Send To menu.

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