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Re: FreeCommander XE "not so obvious" settings

Posted: 23.03.2016, 14:52
by afh
I have just noticed something that some might find useful.
When copying multiple selection with shift+F5, we can add a suffix for each selected item:


What is interesting is that if you try to insert a string as a prefix, each character of the prefix will replace the existing character on the corresponding position in the existing file name. For example, "abc*.*" applied on "test.txt" will rename to "abct.txt".

Anyway, if an option of copying with renaming is desired, it should be implement via FC rename tool, which is more powerful (so instead of renaming the files in the active panel, the files with the new names will be copied (or moved) into the folder in inactive panel).

Re: FreeCommander XE "not so obvious" settings

Posted: 28.10.2017, 21:39
by afh
I don't really know if this works on the public release and if this is mentioned somewhere, but it's cool...

When you create a button on a toolbar, and insert an ampersand before a letter in the name of the button, ALT + that letter will become a hotkey for your button, unless there is already a defined hotkey in Freecommander for that combination of keys.
You will even see the letter underlined in the favorite toolbar.

Re: FreeCommander XE "not so obvious" settings

Posted: 12.02.2018, 18:19
by sammass
Thanks for the info related to my post yesterday, whether it was for me or not. I think I will start reading the text file. Appreciate :-)

Re: FreeCommander XE "not so obvious" settings

Posted: 10.12.2018, 03:44
by clanman
I have been using FC for many years and this post is one of the most informative I have seen - Well done everyone who has contributed so far and I hope there are more to come.

It would be nice if a complete list of all configuration settings could be supplied with the name, INI location, action, GUI interface changeable (True/False) and Dependents/Dependencies.


Re: FreeCommander XE "not so obvious" settings

Posted: 28.07.2019, 14:57
by Dreamer
If the cursor is over the tab bar, it's possible to use a mouse wheel (up/down), to switch tabs.

It works also for inactive panel, which is switched to active panel even without left click.

Note: FC window must be active.

Re: FreeCommander XE "not so obvious" settings

Posted: 13.09.2019, 02:17
by sherpa25
afh wrote:
23.11.2014, 08:27
When I insert "NewFolderNameSuggestionList=A1|A2|A3;B1|B2|B3" in file "Freecommander.ini" after restart this line disapears from "[form]"
I use the portable version 681.
What's wrong?
Are there other options for possible values for parameters (relative values, not absolute)? I can't find it in the online help file.

Re: FreeCommander XE "not so obvious" settings

Posted: 05.10.2019, 20:55
by Dreamer
FileListItemColorsSetInThread=1 - set item colors in background, while loading of the file list (0 to set colors directly)

Option to define in the freecommander.ini for deactivating of the color scheme in viewer - "ViewerUseColorScheme=0"

Background color of the file list in the search dialog changes if searching is active; line "BusyColor=" in freecommander.find.ini

Quick filter field - with Ctrl+Enter apply quick filter for both panels

"Alt+Left Click" on folder or archive file opens new tab in other pane

Re: FreeCommander XE "not so obvious" settings

Posted: 04.11.2019, 23:14
by Dreamer
Marek wrote:
04.11.2019, 16:55
In the last release 806, if you want replace any number at the end of the file name, you can use:
Search for: [0-9]+\Z
Replace with: [c]
"Regular expression" - active
"Exclude extension" - active

Re: FreeCommander XE "not so obvious" settings

Posted: 28.11.2019, 21:45
by Dreamer
Here is the guide, how to use a condition for the Recycle bin, it's usable in Column profiles and Automatic views.

This way, if you open Recycle bin, or switch to tab with Recycle bin, details view and sorting by Date Deleted - also folders will be used automatically, so the last deleted item will be first in the list, even if it's a folder.
Marek wrote:
26.11.2019, 20:28
If you want to define column profile for Recycle Bin:
- open the Recycle Bin in the left pane
- switch view to details
- open popup menu with Shift+F1 (left pane with recycle bin is active)
- select "Column profiles"->"Add current column profile specific to folder"
- define the name for the new profile: RecycleBin
- open Tools->Settings and select "Column profiles/Automatic view" in the tree
- select new created profile "RecycleBin" and click on "Define columns" button
- click the button "Define columns" and set the columns as you like
- save the setting
To add the Recycle bin to Automatic views:

- create "RecycleBin" item
- add any condition, e.g. empty <sub>
- for View "type:" select "Details"
- for "Columns profile:" select "RecycleBin"
- for "Sort on:" select "Date Deleted" and click the button Descending (if you want to sort items by date deleted)
- apply and save settings
- close FreeCommander

- open FreeCommander.ini file in any text editor
- search for "[FcDetailedViews_RecycleBin"
- copy the line "Condition=..." below to clipboard (Ctrl+C)
- open FreeCommander.views.ini file in any text editor
- search for "Name=RecycleBin"
- replace the line "Condition=..." few lines below with the text from clipboard (Ctrl+V)
- save the file
- start FreeCommander


- Implemented: "Tools->Settings->Programs->Default action" - %InternalViewer% can be used as program for default acion (double click; Enter key)