Want to switch from PowerDesk 8 to FreeCommander XE

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Want to switch from PowerDesk 8 to FreeCommander XE

#1 Post by musterfox » 28.07.2014, 07:42

Hi all.
I have been using PowerDesk for ages (registered user).

I recently moved from Win-XP to Win7-64. I'm facing a LOT of problems with PowerDesk ( on this OS and want to switch over to FreeCommander-XE.

However, I love the layout of PowerDesk so I'm trying to configure FC-XE to emulate the same "look & feel" PD has and this is where I'm having issues.

I'm going through the FC-XE manual one page at a time at my end to see how I can tweak the app and as wondering if some other users who also shifted from PowerDesk to FC-XE can share their FC-XE configs/ini files? This would make it much easier to move over.

Alternately, I can list the issues I am having and maybe some FC-XE pro's can offer some solutions.

Managed to configure FC-XE to match 90% of the functionality of PD 8! :)

There are just a couple of PD 8 features that I haven't been able to implement with FC-XE, some of which are likely not possible. But they certainly aren't deal breakers.

I'm very pleasantly surprised at how powerful and user friendly the customize/configure system is in FC. Its the best File Manager I have come across so far and is neck to neck with my old fav PowerDesk.

I just can't get over how something this GOOD is FREE!! Amazing. :)

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Re: Want to switch from PowerDesk 8 to FreeCommander XE

#2 Post by Dreamer » 28.07.2014, 19:46

Please list the issues, since it's probably layout issues, perhaps you could post the screenshot of PowerDesk 8 and mark the items you'd like to have in FC. If the issues can't be solve, you could create separate feature requests for them.

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Re: Want to switch from PowerDesk 8 to FreeCommander XE

#3 Post by wrbird » 07.08.2014, 17:14

I, too, came from many years of PowerDesk. I was very happy with PowerDesk until they were bought out / sold to another company. I've been using FC2009b and now FCXE ever since. I currently use the donor version and am extremely happy with what Marek has done with this program. Keep playing around with it and you'll find all kinds of features that are excellent to use. And as has already been posted, just post your questions and the users on this forum are very helpful.

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