Saving Different Configurations (Tabs, Folders, etc.)?

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Saving Different Configurations (Tabs, Folders, etc.)?

#1 Post by tackyjan » 19.07.2014, 05:08


First of all let me say I love Free Commander XE. I have tried several other Windows Explorer alternatives and this one is the best and better yet it's free! :)

One of the reasons why I wanted an alternative to Windows Explorer was so that I could create "profiles" for my software development projects. What I want to do for each of these profiles is to save a set of frequently used folders (tabs) for each software application I am developing.

For example, let's say I am developing an application called App1, located in D:\MyApps\App1 and under this folder there are several other folders like images, test, config, etc. What I want to do is open Free Commander, hide the tree, and set the View type to horizontal split. I want the top panel to have one tab, the root folder for App1 (D:\MyApps\App1) and I want the bottom panel to have three tabs, one for each sub folder (images, test, config). I then want to be able to save this layout and be able to easily activate it after starting Free Commander (and do the same for my other apps).

I was reading the following Free Commander help page about Layouts: ... ups_en.htm

I followed the instructions on that page that says to save a Layout select the menu View > Layout > Edit. I don't see a Layout menu anywhere. I see a Layouts menu with 2 sub menus: Edit and Layout Restore... but none of these are active. Why are these menu items not active?

Also, are Layouts what I should be using or is there some better way?

Thank you,


P.S. I remember reading somewhere that you can start Free Commander with different .ini files but this seems a bit complicated. If that's the only way to get what I need then I will learn how to do it, but I am hoping there is an easier way.

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Re: Saving Different Configurations (Tabs, Folders, etc.)?

#2 Post by Karol » 19.07.2014, 12:17

Layouts are implemented in the current public beta

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