search of phrases inside misc. files, esp. OpenOffice + PDF

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search of phrases inside misc. files, esp. OpenOffice + PDF

#1 Post by qaywsxedc » 15.07.2014, 18:35

Hello all together

I use FreeCommander since some weeks (XE version ...0.641, German language, system Win7 64bit). Now I have this problem:

With <File><Search> I want to find a phrase inside a file (e.g. find "hello" in all files of a given folder with subfolders). The folders contain misc files, so .txt, .pdf, .odt (OpenOfficeWriter), .ods. (OpenOfficeCalc) etc.

Two problems occure:

1) The search does not find my phrase inside .pdf files.

2) The search finds my phrase inside .odt- / .ods files, but: It shows at the left result column not the file name, but allways "content.xml". In the middle column I get the correct path (incl. file name e.g. D:\Blubberbla\MyFile.odt). While I can open e.g. .txt files by mouse-click without any problem, I cannot open OpenOffice files. It seems, FC interpreets all kind of OpenOffice files as XML format, but then FC do not know, with which part of the OpenOffice package (Writer, Calc) it shall open the file.

My questions: What am I doing wrong, how to do it right or is it a known / unknown bug?

Thanks beforhand for your help.


n.b.: I posted this also in the German forum, up to now without result

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