Expanded Directory Left Panel & Its Files & Subdirs in Right

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Expanded Directory Left Panel & Its Files & Subdirs in Right

#1 Post by beau » 07.07.2014, 22:36

I'm new to FreeCommander XE & am having some minor probs setting up its window.
What settings should I do so that a specified directory and its subdirectories appears in the left pane (preferably with the directory at the top of the pane), and its subdirectories and files appear in the right pane, like this:

When I set it up to look like that, then do Tools > Save Settings, then close FC XE and reopen it from a shortcut, it goes to this view:

Thanks from a Newbie! :lol:

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Re: Expanded Directory Left Panel & Its Files & Subdirs in R

#2 Post by dsperber » 08.07.2014, 04:38

Not that I know of.

There is a setting (Tools -> Settings-> View -> Tree -> Management tab -> "make selected node automatically visible") which you've probably got checked already, which remembers the NODE in the left pane (i.e. "tree") so that it is SELECTED and visible when you re-open the program. And because it's SELECTED in the left pane, its subordinate sub-folders and files will be visible in the right pane.

However it is not automatically EXPANDED in the left "tree" pane (which it might have been when the program was last open)... it's just SELECTED now when you re-open the program.

Thus, as you show in your screenshot, its sub-folders are not initially presented in the left "tree" pane, and you'll have to re-expand it yourself to show any sub-folders by clicking on the "expansion arrow" to the left of the selected NODE/folder. Or, if you have the "auto expand on click" setting checked then you can just click on the NODE/folder itself which is a bit easier from a mousing perspective.

So you haven't missed a setting. That's just how the program starts as currently built... with the selected NODE/folder not automatically expanded in the left "tree" pane.

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