Drag/Drop from one pane to another doesn't work?

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Drag/Drop from one pane to another doesn't work?

#1 Post by dsperber » 29.06.2014, 01:13

Very strange. Is it just me??

I have my view set up with 4-panes (explorer tree on left side for folder list, expanded view on right for selected folder on left), i.e. split-screen upper/lower with 2-panes in each split. I'll refer to top two panes as 1 and 2, and bottom two panes as 3 and 4.

I can copy/move file(s) from pane 2 to pane 4 using F5/F6. I get the expected copy/move confirmation popup dialog box, and confirm the operation.

But if I try to simply drag the same file(s) using mouse-driven drag/drop by selecting the same file in pane 2 and drying to drag it into pane 4, nothing at all happens. It just doesn't work at all. When the mouse "arrives" over the second pane, and the cursor would normally change into the copy/move icon, nothing at all happens. Just nothing is happening.

Now if I instead drag/drop the same file from pane 2 (upper-right) onto a target folder in pane 3 (lower-left), well that DOES work! But drag/drop from pane 2 to pane 4 does nothing.

Wait... it gets stranger. This happens when the source/target folders are on my hard drives, with Windows drive letters.

But... if the source file is coming from a folder on my phone, which is a removable device connected by MTP (so that I have to get to it using the new "0" drive of FCXE and then selecting "Computer" which now presents my phone, exactly as Windows Explorer does for MTP-connected devices), now I CAN do a drag/drop from pane 2 into pane 4!!!

Even more remarkable, if the source file is an image (e.g. PNG for a screenshot in a "pictures" folder on my phone, connected by MTP), when I drag it from pane 2 down to pane 4, there is a "preview thumbnail" presented of the image during the drag!! Never saw that before.

So, drag/drop from MTP-connected phone source folder (i.e. with no Windows drive letter involved) in pane 2 to hard drive target folder in pane 4 works. And also there is an image thumbnail preview.

But drag/drop from hard drive (i.e. with Windows drive letter involved), mouse-driven drag/drop from anything in pane 2 to pane 4 does NOT work. However F5/F6 works perfectly.

Am I alone? Anybody else see something like this??

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