Always feels sluggish ?

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Always feels sluggish ?

#1 Post by corky » 01.05.2014, 11:10

Hi there, I have tried this file manager several times now but it always seems really sluggish in use.

So when i select any of the folders on the left hand side there is always a delay in showing the contents on the right hand side ?

It's like a split second delay all the time.

Ive gone all through the settings and cannot see why this is happening.

Every other file manager i try is instant including windows explorer.

Any ideas please.


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Re: Always feels sluggish ?

#2 Post by wrbird » 05.05.2014, 20:44

Maybe no one is responding to your post because we're not seeing this issue. I've been using FC for about 5 years now, back in the 2009 version days, alternating between other file managers from time to time to see if there's one out there that's better, haven't found one yet.

I did have a lag issue when I was still running ver 2009b on my Win7 machine. I'm now running the donor 64-bit portable version. I've been impressed enough to donate more than once.

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