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How did I do this?

Posted: 06.02.2014, 03:49
by Rickrich
I want the files and folders in a directory arranged like this (ebooks) 752 kB MOBI File
1984.sdr File folder
21- Crane.prc PRC File
21- Crane.sdr File folder
A Brief History of Element MOBI File
A Brief History of Element Discovery.sdr File folder
Accidental Death - Peter MOBI File
Accidental Death - Peter Baily.sdr File folder

I sorted a big group of files and folders into a list of this form three days ago and probably [generate directory list/i] of that desired list to notepad was copied and pasted into a Word docx.

I can't remember how I did it. I must have burned out too many brain cells in my youth. I don't do that stuff anymore so that wasn't my problem.

Can someone tell me how to do this?


Re: How did I do this?

Posted: 06.02.2014, 04:24
by Timon
To sort files - View - Sort By - select any desired type
There are also additional sorting options in Tools - Settings - View - File/folder list - tab Sorting. There you can select alphabetical or natural sorting.

To generate a list - Edit - Copy name as text (Shift+Alt+Ins). You can also use other types of copying there.

Re: How did I do this?

Posted: 07.02.2014, 05:59
by Rickrich
Thanks for the advice Timon.
That's perfect.