Please help with some advice

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Please help with some advice

#1 Post by peter9999 » 10.01.2014, 23:44


I have what I thought was a simple problem but is turning out to be a real issue. I have about 1700 songs in a directory. From this I want to create two USB sticks, one for me and one for my wife. We will fiddle with our lists on our USB for our car stereo. So what we want is the ability to retain a list of files permanently and then change it for just a couple of files to be copied over into the new directory from where it will be copied in its entirety to the USB stick. It would be like having a file manager where the selection of files to copy was retained as a user profile. I could load my profile which would load a list of files in my playlist from which I could make changes, and she could do the same. Then we each could fiddle with the list adding and deleting files without having to recreate the whole list every time we went into the application, and without interfering with each others list.

Originally I looked in playlist managers but they all have lots of stuff and do not seem to do this and want to do things like actually play the music which I don't care about. So then I thought I would look at the file managers. I cannot see in the feature set if Free Commander supports this or not. Does it support it or is there any other file utility which does support it? I thought this would be easy but nothing seems to have this that I can find in Google. Help!

In the "very" old days of MS-DOS I would have taken a batch listing of all the files and used that as the basis of a copy command - but I cannot find any modern equivalent

I hope somebody can guide me


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Re: Please help with some advice

#2 Post by ralfso » 11.01.2014, 07:33

Maybe you can use two file containers for different lists for you and your wife.

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Re: Please help with some advice

#3 Post by joby_toss » 11.01.2014, 09:07

Or this external tool, very useful (open source, portable):

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Re: Please help with some advice

#4 Post by peter9999 » 16.01.2014, 06:09

Thank you. The M3U Dropper program looks really good - it looks like it would exactly meet my needs

Thank you, this is a really friendly and helpful forum, not only did I get helpful responses but also people have put up with the fact that I entered my question twice by mistake!

In fact I ended up finding a little utility freeware from a bloke called Simon Booth called Smart Copy

It's actually really important when looking for it on the net that you put in the full file name including the because there are several other products out there also called Smart Copy - there's an Android one and something from Oracle as well. It's a great little utility - it just does basic copy, move delete and keeps a record of what it has done in a file which you can load. It's really easy to use. ... Tool.shtml

Thanks again everyone

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