Tree view in each pane possible?

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Tree view in each pane possible?

#1 Post by jl5491 » 07.01.2014, 05:27

Howdy. I have been using Free Commander for several years. My current version is FC2009.02 and I have always used FC as my default and ONLY file manager. I'm definitely NOT a "power-user" but one feature that I've become unwilling to live without is the ability to have a tree view in each pane. Best of all, I think, is the ability to select a drive from the drive icons at top and have the tree view of that drive. So handy!

This is now the second time that I downloaded the new XE version to try it out and have been unable to get a tree view in both panels. Can XE do this? Is it complicated to configure it this way? Through my efforts to find this configuration, I wind up getting the views competely fouled up and unable to get back to the default view.

Incidentally, the only reason I would consider upgrading to XE is 2009's annoying habit of losing focus after deleting a folder. It minimizes to the taskbar and must be maximized again. I posted about this bug a number of years ago but, if my memory still serves, I didn't find a solution here. It does this on both my WinXPs on 2 different PCs. I learned to live with this small flaw and almost expect that action now. FC has been well worth it! Thanks for your work.

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Re: Tree view in each pane possible?

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