Question about color scheme (Win 10)

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Question about color scheme (Win 10)

#1 Post by joq » 05.12.2019, 07:15

I am using FreeCommander XE 2019 (currently Build 807 64-bit donor) and really how easy it is to switch between color schemes, without having to restart the application. Works great.

I have tweaked my own dark theme, which is to my liking except I cannot figure out how to make the column headings (see the screenshot, i.e. "Name", "Size", etc) dark? If anyone can share a tip on how to accomplish that I'd be much obliged.


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Re: Question about color scheme (Win 10)

#2 Post by Dreamer » 05.12.2019, 19:39

Unfortunately, it's not possible to change it - yet.

The color of some elements can't be changed (probably it will be possible in the future):

Line between main menu and standard toolbar
Line between items panel and status bar
Columns header in Details view

More here.

BTW Why note share your color scheme? No personal information is included in the file. Topic for color scheme files is here.

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Re: Question about color scheme (Win 10)

#3 Post by Schorschie » 07.01.2020, 09:21

I would really like to have a dark color scheme, but I also want to see the gridlines. But at the moment the color of the gridlines is too prominent on dark background.


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