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Danish translation

Posted: 05.12.2012, 06:57
by Regmos

This is my first post, so please bear with me, if I chose the wrong category.

I have just updated to the latest public version (609) and the Danish translation are not displayed correctly. It seems to encoded in ANSI.

I'm also maintaining my own copy of the Danish translation, and while working on that, I found this in the original file:

58957=Selection start
58957=Selection end

When you change it to:

58957=Selection start
58958=Selection end

everything seems OK.

Re: Danish translation

Posted: 05.12.2012, 11:12
by Timon
Yes, Regmos right. In all languages (even in original english.lng) there is an error - code 58957 is the same for Selection start and Selection end.
Needed to be fixed.