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A tool for translating FreeCommander

Posted: 14.08.2012, 20:24
by cm630
Because the translation guide is locked, I post this here:

There is another tool which can be used for translating FreeCommander:
It has some advantages:
- It does not put the new strings in the end of the translation file, but places them at the same place as in the original file (i.e. the string is 123456=New Strings it is placed after 123455=Older string and before 123457=Another older string.
- Supports ANSI, UTF8, UTF16 (BE and LE), UTF32 (BE and LE), so you do not have to convert the saved translation file to UTF8.
- Supports auxiliary files- for example if you are translating an application from English to Bulgarian, you can use Russian or Serbian for hints.
- Supports translation using vocabularies, so here is how you can convert a translation for FreeCommander to a translation for FreeCommanderXE:
1. Run prevnarin.exe
2. Goto to Menu/Misc/Vocabulary/Manage vocabularies
3. Choose a vocabulary file (new or existing, if new- it shall be in an existing folder). Use whatever extension you like.
4. Click Add Source- A -Select main file dialog box will appear. Select English.lng in the freecommander/LNG folder. Right after you click OKAY, another dialog box will show up- Select translation file, so here you shall choose the thranslation file.
5. Click Save vocabulary.
6. Click Done.
7. Goto Menu/Misc/Vocabulary/Load vocabulary and open the vocabulary file, that you have just created/appended.
8. Open English.lng from FreeCommanderXE using File/Open main translaton file/Browse...
9. Create a new file for you translation, using Menu/File/Create an empty translation (Or you can use File/Open translation file/Browse, if the translation file already exists.
10.Go to Menu/Misc/Vocabulary/Autotranslate
11. Wait a while. My test with Belorussian autotranslated (converted) 34% of the strings.
12. Do not forget to save your file. If you get a message Select a line delimiter before saving the file close the warning message and left click on the left bottom side of the PrevNarin window on the three question marks (???) until you get you desired new line strings (for FreeCommander use CrLf).

Maybe I just have to add that by default the empty strings are filled with the contents of the original ones, this can be disabled by unchecking Menu/Misc/Settings/Fill in emty lines.
And you'd better make copies of your files, before using the app.

Re: A tool for translating FreeCommander

Posted: 17.08.2012, 09:59
by kayazeren
I finished 2009 translation update yesterday.
There was no XE translation and I started to look and think for a solution about translation conversion between 2009 and XE.
Then I found this topic and it helped a lot. PrevNar is very simple and effective. Highly recommended for translators.
I feel so lucky. It was just posted a few days before.
Thanks a lot.

Re: A tool for translating FreeCommander

Posted: 25.08.2012, 21:53
by cm630
IMPORTANT: I recommend updating to a later version, because the older one truncated the translation lines to 100 characters.

Re: A tool for translating FreeCommander

Posted: 20.07.2014, 07:52
by cm630
Application is currently not downloadable, since the source host ended servicing open source projects.
The new location of the application will most likely be
I will drop a message here, when the source and binaries are uploaded.

Re: A tool for translating FreeCommander

Posted: 28.07.2014, 08:25
by Siggi0904
Or switch to Transifex. :D

Thats the best solution for translation with crowd power. 8)

I'd like to maintain the FreeCommander translation at

Re: A tool for translating FreeCommander

Posted: 30.07.2014, 09:35
by cm630
The new home of the application is
There are some improvements in the Search functions.
As stated in the website, it has no known bugs, so please report if you encounter any.