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Changes for the release 653 compared to 652

Posted: 10.02.2014, 20:48
by Marek
New texts:

34427=For selected item
34428=Use text color only
34429=Use background color only
34430=Use both colors

Changed texts:

34421=Selected item inactive list
34422=Enable selection by mouse dragging
34516=Drive letter
34638=Show drive letter in tab caption
35126=Use large icons
36435=Font color

Changes for the release 654 compared to 653

Posted: 04.03.2014, 20:30
by Marek
New texts:

actExtrQuickStarter1=Quick starter 1...; Shows quick starter dialog - activate repository 1
actExtrQuickStarter2=Quick starter 2...; Shows quick starter dialog - activate repository 2
actExtrQuickStarter3=Quick starter 3...; Shows quick starter dialog - activate repository 3
actExtrQuickStarter4=Quick starter 4...; Shows quick starter dialog - activate repository 4
actExtrQuickStarter5=Quick starter 5...; Shows quick starter dialog - activate repository 5

Changed texts:

34607=Cut Corners
35106=Show drive bar (popup button or button bar) per panel
36208=bottom/right (depending on main splitter)

actDirGoToEdit=Edit path ; Start editing of the path in the address bar
actExtrQuickStarter=Quick starter...; Shows quick starter dialog - activate last used repository

Changes for the release 655 compared to 653

Posted: 05.04.2014, 15:57
by Marek
New texts:


67500=no_translate: Dialog Layouts
67501=Layouts edit
67503=Add current layout
67504=Rename layout
67505=Delete layout
67506=Move down
67507=Move up
67509=If open layout
67510=Close all current tabs
67511=Close not locked tabs
67512=Keep all tabs
67513=Keep all tabs; ignore layout tabs
67514=Save current layout
67515=Layout name:
67516=Overwrite existing layout?

actViewLayoutSaveCurrent=Save current layout ... ; Saves the current layout

Changed texts:

4509=ESC to cancel
34020=Functions bar

actExtrToolbarCustomize=Customize toolbars...; Opens dialog for changing the toolbar
actViewLayoutEdit=&Layouts edit... ; Shows dialog box for layouts editing

Changes for the release 659 compared to 655

Posted: 29.04.2014, 19:24
by Marek
New texts:

36217=Quick viewer size by file type
36218=File extensions:
36220=Add new item
36222=Remove item

Changed texts:

36000=no_translate: Settings - Function bar
36001=Function bar visible

Changes for the release 660 compared to 659

Posted: 07.05.2014, 19:40
by Marek
New texts:

4568=Files to compare are not the same type. Compare anyway with: %s

43016=Use as base folder for the tree

Changes for the release 661 compared to 660

Posted: 29.05.2014, 12:15
by Marek
New texts:

4569=The file/folder name is not valid

Changes for the release 663 compared to 661

Posted: 13.06.2014, 18:40
by Marek
New texts:

34668=Inactive panel
34669=Use other colors in the inactive panel
35127=Show drive hint
35128=Calculate free space for network drives too - can be very slow
43017=Remove all colors
43018=Always use the colors - for active tab too

Removed texts:

Changes for the release 664 compared to 663

Posted: 28.06.2014, 20:21
by Marek
New texts:


34670=Inactive file container Tab
34671=Inactive file container Tab color


58593=Graphic libraries
58594=Use IrfanView/XnView to load images
58595=Application path:
58596=File extensions:

Changed texts:

34654=Inactive Tab
58561=Use fast loading for JPG - Intel IJL15.DLL (X86 only)

Changes for the release 668 compared to 664

Posted: 01.08.2014, 19:42
by Marek
New texts:

58597=Seek application...

actFileNew=New item;Shows popup menu with new items

Changes for the release 669 compared to 668

Posted: 19.08.2014, 19:12
by Marek
New texts:

4570=Show context menu of target item

Changes for the release 673 compared to 669

Posted: 30.09.2014, 19:31
by Marek
New texts:
53055=No change
53056=Sort on:
53058=Sort ascending
53059=Sort descending
56255=Use for full subfolder path (otherwise only for subfolder name)

Changed texts:
55203=Program or folder:


Changes for the release 674 compared to 673

Posted: 22.10.2014, 18:53
by Marek
New texts:
4571=Select layout:
54043=Plain view

56256=Active panel: paths from all tabs
56257=Inactive panel: paths from all tabs
56258=Paths from all tabs

57068=Source and target are the same - operation is not supported

62154=-*.txt exclude all *.txt files
62155=--*.* include files with '-' at the beginning
62156=\*docs include *docs folders
62157=-\*temp exclude *temp folders
62158=Only one type is possible (include or exclude)
62159=|today from 00:00 till now
62160=|hour not older than one hour
62161=|day not older than 24 hours
62162=|week not older than 7 days
62163=|month not older than 30 days
62164=|year not older than 365 days
62165=-|xxx older than
62166=>3000 greater than 3000 bytes
62167=>kb3 greater than 3 kb
62168=>mb3 greater than 3 mb
62169=>gb3 greater than 3 gb
62170=<3000 smaller than 3000 bytes
62171=<kb3 smaller than 3 kb
62172=<mb3 smaller than 3 mb
62173=<gb3 smaller than 3 gb

actViewLayoutAutoSaveCurrent=Auto save current layout; Selected layout will be saved automatically on layout change or program end

Changed texts:

62103=[a-z] matches all ASCII characters
62104=[Sa] matches "S", "s" or "a", "A"
62105=[!S] matches anything except "S" and "s"
62153=; multiple item divider

Changes for the release 675 compared to 674

Posted: 03.11.2014, 22:06
by Marek
Changed texts:

36409=Show files and folders tooltip
62106=Examples: *.txt; [0-9]*.tmp;" *.png"

Changes for the release 680 compared to 676

Posted: 14.11.2014, 10:32
by Marek
Changed texts:

4510=Select folder

actDirFind=&Select... ; Opens dialog box for directory choice

Changes for the release 686 compared to 685

Posted: 06.02.2015, 18:06
by Marek
New texts:
3026=Selected items as drag&drop - active
34319=Predefined quick filters:
34320=Example: txt|jpg;jpeg|.doc

55227=Delimiter character for selected items- space is default
55228=Enclose each selected item with "

actDirQuickFilterSet1=Quick filter 1 ; Set predefined quick filter no. 1
actDirQuickFilterSet2=Quick filter 2 ; Set predefined quick filter no. 2
actDirQuickFilterSet3=Quick filter 3 ; Set predefined quick filter no. 3
actDirQuickFilterSet4=Quick filter 4 ; Set predefined quick filter no. 4
actDirQuickFilterSet5=Quick filter 5 ; Set predefined quick filter no. 5
actDirQuickFilterSet6=Quick filter 6 ; Set predefined quick filter no. 6
actDirQuickFilterSet7=Quick filter 7 ; Set predefined quick filter no. 7
actDirQuickFilterSet8=Quick filter 8 ; Set predefined quick filter no. 8
actDirQuickFilterSet9=Quick filter 9 ; Set predefined quick filter no. 9
actDirQuickFilterPredefinedPopupMenu=Quick filter popup menu ; Shows popup menu with predefined quick filters