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Changes for the release 613 compared to 612

Posted: 25.01.2013, 21:43
by Marek
New texts:

4560=Some file operations are in progress. Really cancel all operations?
34426=Use Windows colors
50038=Positive or negative values

Changed texts:

36416=Max. column width for list view (0-auto size; <0-fixed width)
57065=Are you sure you want use this operation?

Changes for the release 616 compared to 613

Posted: 27.03.2013, 20:00
by Marek
Changed texts:

42005=Apply to &folders, too
42006=Add items to &current selection
42007=&Within current selection only
48007=Reusable filters
56017=Open location
56024=Open location in inactive panel
61005=Open location
61006=Open location in inactive panel

New texts:

34520=Release number
48009=Temporary filter

66000=no_translate: Synchronize Form
66003=Quick view
66004=Compare files: left and right
66007=Open location
66008=Open location in inactive panel
66009=Select all
66010=Invert selection
66011=Copy name as text
66012=Copy path+name as text
66013=Copy path as text
66014=Copy UNC path+name as text
66017=Save history
66018=Activate profiles tab first
66019=Auto compare on profile change or dialog open
66020=Auto compare on filter change
66021=Use selection colors from main window
66027=Hidden items
66028=Compare by
66029=Name, size
66033=Compare by date
66034=Ignore up to 2 sec.
66035=Ignore 1 hour time delay
66037=Right click: select popup menu
66038=Files to copy from left to right (new files)
66039=Files to copy from left to right
66040=Equal files
66041=Unequal files
66042=Files to copy from right to left
66043=Files to copy from right to left (new files)
66047=File filter
66048=Include files:
66049=Exclude files:
66050=Regular expression for both filters
66051=Folder filter
66052=Include folders:
66053=Exclude folders:
66054=Example: *.jpg; *.png
66055=Example: foto*;*music
66056=Add current synchronize as new profile
66057=Rename profile
66058=Delete profile
66061=Apply selected profile
66064=Create new profile with folders
66065=Create new profile without folders
66066=Select all files with this type: left
66067=Select all files with this type: right
66068=Select default direction
66069=Remove selection
66070=Select left to right ->
66071=Select right to left <-
66072=Reverse direction
66081=Loading empty folders...
66082=Reading files:
66083=Delete empty folders
66085=Opeartion canceled by user
66087=Left folder
66088=Right folder
66089=Only files with "Archive" attribute
66090=Profile properties
66091=Define synchronize options
66092=Select folder

66500=no_translate: Synchronize Dialog
66502=Left to right
66503=Copy - target folder
66504=Files which exists only on the left:
66507=Files which exists on both sides:
66508=copy with overwrite
66509=Empty folders on the left:
66510=Total size:
66511=Right to left
66512=Files which exists only on the right:
66513=Empty folders on the right:
66514=Backup of the left side
66515=Backup of the right side

actViewMainMenu=Show main menu; Toggle visibility of the main menu
actViewMainMenuAsPopup=Show main menu as popup menu; Shows the main menu as popup menu

Changes for the release 617 compared to 616

Posted: 28.03.2013, 21:13
by Marek
Changed texts:

66081=Searching for empty folders (ESC - cancel)...
66082=Reading files (ESC - cancel):
66085=Operation canceled by user

New texts:

34318=Searched fraction must exist at the beginning of the text
66022=Operation is not supported for choosed folders
66093=Empty folders

Changes for the release 618 compared to 617

Posted: 03.04.2013, 20:13
by Marek
Changed texts:

34318=Searched fraction must exist at the beginning of the text
66022=Operation is not supported for chosen folders
66056=Add current synchronization as new profile
66085=Operation cancelled by user
66503=Left folder

actViewMainMenu=Show/hide main menu; Toggle visibility of the main menu

New texts:

4562=More colors...
66100=File list color if any filter set
66516=Right folder
66517=Encrypt if synchronize with archive file

Changes for the release 619 compared to 618

Posted: 13.04.2013, 18:44
by Marek
Changed texts:

66037=Right click: show selection popup menu
66068=Copy status: default direction
66069=Copy status: remove
66070=Copy status: left to right ->
66071=Copy status: right to left <-
66072=Copy status: reverse direction
66100=File list color if any filter set:
66517=Encrypt when synchronizing with archive file

New texts:

4563=None color
; free space popup menu: in the 'New' item

66101=Remove all filters

actViewShowFreeSpacePopup=Free space popup menu; Shows free space popup menu

Changes for the release 622 compared to 619

Posted: 20.05.2013, 17:20
by Marek
Changed texts:

35512=SFX file it was my mistake
the old text is OK
35512=ZIP packer

New texts:

58592=RTF file size limit (MB):

Changes for the release 623 compared to 622

Posted: 22.05.2013, 21:05
by Marek
Changed texts:

4563=No color

New texts:

35446=Use big icons
35447=Item height
35931=SFX file

Release 623

Posted: 24.05.2013, 19:59
by Marek
One line is missing in the english.lng:

35448=Auto resize for main splitter changes

Changes for the release 624 compared to 623

Posted: 01.06.2013, 14:42
by Marek
Changed texts:

4563=No color
66089=Only files/folders with "Archive" attribute

New texts:


34219=Use blocking transfer - works with all programs and devices
34220=Start dragging with CTRL key for opposite option


Changes for the release 626 compared to 625

Posted: 07.06.2013, 20:18
by Marek
Changed texts:

34220=Start dragging with pressed CTRL key for opposite option

New texts:


53050=Left/top panel:
53051=Right/bottom panel:
53052=Favorite folder - left/top panel
53053=Favorite folder - right/bottom panel
53054=Use left/right panel

Changes for the release 629 compared to 628

Posted: 28.06.2013, 21:17
by Marek
Changed texts:

35125=Drive size info for fixed and usb drives only

New texts:

35214=Selected items - active

54041=Preparing deletion...
54042=Show errors only

Changes for the release 631 compared to 629

Posted: 26.07.2013, 20:47
by Marek
Changed texts:

3000=Folder path - left
3001=Folder path - right
3002=Folder path - active
3003=Folder path - inactive
3004=Focused item name - left
3005=Focused item name - right
3006=Focused item name - active
3007=Focused item name - inactive
3008=Selected items (full path) - left
3009=Selected items (full path) - right
3010=Selected items (full path) - active
3011=Selected items (full path) - inactive
3012=Selected items (full path) as file - left
3013=Selected items (full path) as file - right
3014=Selected items (full path) as file - active
3015=Selected items (full path) as file - inactive
3018=Show dialog with parameters (debug mode)

actDirFavoritenAddTwoDir=Favorites - add active and inactive panel folder; Add one favorite item with left and right folder

New texts:

3022=Selected items (item name) - left
3023=Selected items (item name) - right
3024=Selected items (item name) - active
3025=Selected items (item name) - inactive

34521=Dialogs font
34522=Use defined font
34523=Optimal size: 8 รท 11

35312=Reload both lists before compare

55226=Separate for each selected item

actEditFilePath2ClipUncWeb=Copy file path to clipboard (UNC - Web) ; Copies the fully qualified file name to clipboard (UNC - Web)
actFileDeleteToRecycleBinFCNoDlg=Delete to recycle bin (FC) - no dialog; Deletes selected items to recycle bin without dialog. The command executor is FreeCommander.

Changes for the release 634 compared to 633

Posted: 24.09.2013, 19:09
by Marek
Changed texts:

34307=Auto add wildcards (*)
34308=Action "Filter off" deactivates quick filter too
34309=Deactivate filter on folder change

New texts:

4567=Help file was not found
62036=(?i) ignore upper-/lowercase (default in FC)
62037=(?-i) case-sensitive matching
62038=\A start of string
62039=\Z end of string
63009=License agreement

67000=no_translate: WCX operations
67001=Extract operation is in progress
67002=Can not create target folder:
67003=Cancelled by user
67004=Can not auto rename "%s"
67005=Create directory failed "%s"

Changes for the release 635 compared to 634

Posted: 12.10.2013, 13:17
by Marek
Changed texts:

34015=Column profiles
34701=Profile name

actViewDetailsSettings=Profile settings...;Opens settings dialog with column profiles

New texts:

actHelpOnline=Online help;Opens the online help with the default browser

Changes for the release 652 compared to 650

Posted: 16.01.2014, 20:17
by Marek
New texts:

35126=Use large icons

Changed texts:

35503=No compression
35504=Max compression

64017=Create subfolder from current date