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Changes for release 807 compared to 805

Posted: 03.12.2019, 20:35
by Marek
New texts:

62109=| multiple item divider

Changes for release 808 compared to 807

Posted: 13.12.2019, 21:53
by Marek
New texts:

35819=Last used tabs will be restored if the Tab Management option "%s" is not active.
36611=Remove border bottom line

Changes for release 811 compared to 808

Posted: 19.01.2020, 10:54
by Marek
New texts:

3027=Focused item name without extension - active
50043=Save/load timestamps
50044=Save all timestamps in the file
50045=Set the timestamp as saved in the file
61213=Focal length of lens in mm
61214=Lens model name
61215=Orientation of the camera

Changed texts:

6015=Destination is a Recordable (AudioL) CDRom, possibly unformatted
6018=Destination is a Recordable (AudioL) DVD, possibly unformatted
6021=Source is a Recordable (AudioL) CDRom, possibly unformatted
6024=Source is a Recordable (AudioL) DVD, possibly unformatted

Changes for release 813 compared to 811

Posted: 05.02.2020, 19:59
by Marek
New Texts:

36225=Image - use mouse wheel for:
36227=switching files
36228=Ctrl+wheel will use the opposite option
38048=Change the height of the address bar to change the size of the button
55229=Width (pixel):
58119=Save - overwrite without confirmation

Changed texts:

6015=Destination is a Recordable (Audio) CDRom, possibly unformatted
6018=Destination is a Recordable (Audio) DVD, possibly unformatted
6021=Source is a Recordable (Audio) CDRom, possibly unformatted
6024=Source is a Recordable (Audio) DVD, possibly unformatted
35107=Show free space (drive button)

Changes for release 814 compared to 813

Posted: 06.03.2020, 19:57
by Marek
New Texts:

4606=Are you sure you want to create %s new tabs?
33217=Relative path
34237=Show drag image
35313=Ignore extension
36229=Use scheme colors if active
40002=EXIF - Picture properties
56078=Copy name without extension
58601=Colors are ignored when the option "Use scheme colors if active" is active.

Changed texts:

4007=Open focused/selected

Changes for release 815 compared to 814

Posted: 13.03.2020, 20:53
by Marek
New Texts:

4034=Copy to clipboard

Changed texts:

34403=Hover time for select item [msec] (inactive = 0)

Changes for release 817 compared to 815

Posted: 18.04.2020, 10:52
by Marek
New Texts:

4607=Current user
4608=All users
4609=Close all not locked folder tabs
46020=Rename copied file and continue copying
46021=Rename target file and continue copying
63013=Archiver plugins
63014=Viewer plugins
63015=Quick viewer plugins
63017=Copy selected items to clipboard

Changed texts:

36407=Show hidden items
36408=Show system items
56068=--Select by modified timestamp--
56071=--Select by created timestamp--
56072=--Select by file size--

actViewSplitSwitch=Split horizontal/vertical ; Switch the panels horizontally/vertically
actViewShowHidden=Show hidden items; Toggle visibility of the hidden files or folders
actViewShowSystem=Show system items; Toggle visibility of the system files or folders

Changes for release 819 compared to 817

Posted: 12.05.2020, 19:06
by Marek
New Texts:

3069=Recall on data access
35721=File or directory is not fully present locally (e.g. OneDrive)
50047=All attributes

actQvDecreaseSize=Zoom out;Decrease size
actQvIncreaseSize=Zoom in;Increase size
actQvFind=Find;Show/hide find panel
actQvFindNext=Find next;Find next
actQvFitImage=Fit to window;Fit to window
actQvRotateLeft=Rotate left 90°;Rotate anti clockwise 90°
actQvRotateRight=Rotate right 90°;Rotate clockwise 90°
actQvViewBinary=Binary text;show as binary text
actQvViewHex=Hex;Show as Hex
actQvViewUnicode=Unicode;Show as unicode text
actQvViewRtfUtf=Rtf/Utf-8;Show as Rtf/Utf-8
actQvViewImage=Image;Show as image
actQvViewMultimedia=Multimedia;Show as multimedia
actQvViewInternetOffice=Internet;Show with Internet browser control
actQvViewPlugin=Plugins;Show with Plugins
actQvSettings=Settings...;Show settings dialog
actQvViewWinPreview=Windows preview;Show Windows preview

Changed texts:

41015=Registered global shortcuts

Changes for release 820 compared to 819

Posted: 28.05.2020, 19:42
by Marek
New Texts:

3028=Selected items (full path) or folder path - active
34530=Use changed program icon when starting "As admin"
34531=Active site
35456=Auto refresh (may cause flicker on some PCs)
35722=Change list background color
41016=This shortcut is already assigned to the command
64027=The destination folder for saving screenshots is not defined.
64028=Should FreeCommander Temp folder be used? Content is deleted when the program is closed. (YES)
64029=Folder can be selected with the NO button.

actDirGoToFirst=Select the first file / folder; Select first file (if currently focused item is a folder) or folder (if currently focused item is a file) in the list
actEditPasteSymbolicLink=Paste as symbolic link;SFTP - create symbolic link to the item copied to clipboard
actViewTabCloseAllBothPanels=Tab: Close all tabs in both panels;Closes all not locked folder tabs in both panels
actViewTabCloseAllWithConfirmation=Tab:Close all tabs with confirmation;Closes all folder tabs with confirmation dialog

Changed texts:

actViewTabCloseAll=Tab: Close all folder tabs;Closes all not locked folder tabs in the active panel
actViewTabCloseDuplicate=Tab: Close duplicate tabs;Closes not locked duplicate tabs in the active panel

Changes for release 821 compared to 820

Posted: 11.06.2020, 20:06
by Marek
New Texts:

33900=no_translate: Settings SFTP
33901=Authentication by public key
33902=Keys storage type
33906=Key name
33907=Import private key for authentication
33908=Remove key
33909=Really delete the key "%s"?
33910=Key not found!
33911=Key already exists
33912=Import key
33913=Password maybe wrong
33914=Key file


68059=Login type
68060=Key file
68061=Key storage type
68064=Key name
68065=Define keys under Tols->Settings->FTP/SFTP

Changes for release 823 compared to 821

Posted: 13.07.2020, 20:10
by Marek
New Texts:

35129=Width of the volume name button in pixels

Changed texts:

68065=Define keys under Tools->Settings->FTP/SFTP

Changes for release 825 compared to 823

Posted: 25.07.2020, 19:30
by Marek
New Texts:

67938=Timestamp format

Changes for release 826 compared to 825

Posted: 05.08.2020, 20:15
by Marek
New Texts:

58602=Example: ~$*.doc;~$*.docx;

Changed texts:

58600=Ignore files - filter list:

Changes for release 829 compared to 826

Posted: 18.09.2020, 20:21
by Marek
New Texts:

35457=Selection - Inactive
35458=Background - Inactive

50048=Set timestamp from picture EXIF
50049="Created" from
50050="Modified" from
50051=Files without EXIF info are ignored

56079=Use one dialog instance only

actEditFocusNewestFile=Focus newest file; Focus the newest file by "last accessed" timestamp
actEditFocusNewestItem=Focus newest item; Focus the newest item (file or folder) by "last accessed" timestamp
actEditFocusNextItem=Focus next item; Set focus to the next item in the list
actEditFocusPrevItem=Focus previous item; Set focus to the previous item in the list

Changed texts:

34651=Remove all not locked temporary file containers on program end