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by joby_toss
08.07.2010, 16:46
Forum: Discussion
Topic: LeftWin + RightClick = Confusion
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Re: LeftWin + RightClick = Confusion

The start menu also pops-up first in my case, but I think it is normal since we push the Win key (win7x64, laptop, only one Win key). Maybe in the future we can change the modifier key?!
by joby_toss
08.07.2010, 16:42
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Print Folder List
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Re: Print Folder List

Piteur wrote:
H.Seldon wrote:'Everything' at
Great! I am excited to try this software.

Is it able to search words or sentences within file? It would be the ultimate!
Only file/folder names.
by joby_toss
07.07.2010, 00:24
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Windows 7 - Files association
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Re: Windows 7 - Files association

Don't know about MSE, but 7zip and Notepad++ both have x64 and x86 shell extensions that may be registered simultaneously.
by joby_toss
27.06.2010, 18:49
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: R508 - Empty folder remains when using FC move
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Re: R508 - Empty folder remains when using FC move

Not the same bug (still related somehow) but I don't want to open a new thread just for this: there is an empty folder named "FreeCommander" left behind in "AppData". Could this one be removed upon exit (portable freak here :) )? I can see this in the Info window: Application data (%FcAppDataPath%):...
by joby_toss
11.06.2010, 11:17
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: I press F3 on an MP3 to view it, volume is at 50% not 100%
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Re: I press F3 on an MP3 to view it, volume is at 50% not 10

I also wonder if this is possible.
Maybe a hidden .ini setting?
by joby_toss
10.06.2010, 11:44
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: login trouble
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Re: login trouble

Delete the cookies and retry.
by joby_toss
29.05.2010, 06:42
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Multi rename
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Re: Multi rename


by joby_toss
09.05.2010, 15:59
Forum: Discussion
Topic: New user of beta version
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Re: New user of beta version

Why do you insist on calling version 2010 as being beta?
Marek clearly made it available as pre-alfa ( the name of the package is in fact "FreeCommander2010prealfa").
It is going to be better than the 2009 version, I'm sure! Just a little patience... :)
by joby_toss
21.04.2010, 04:51
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Displaying favourites list with click on adress bar
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Re: Displaying favourites list with click on adress bar

Check out the screenshots of the next version (the second one from the top): I think you're looking for that folder-like icon with a heart in the middle. That opens up a menu with you're favorite folders. In the current stable version is easier to use the ...
by joby_toss
16.04.2010, 13:54
Forum: Resolved Bugs, Issues, Requests
Topic: Non latin languages show garbage
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Re: Non latin languages show garbage

FC 2009 is not Unicode capable.
by joby_toss
15.04.2010, 12:04
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Next Version
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Re: Next Version

I'm quite happy with the current 3rd alpha version.
Bear in mind there is more to come!
You won't be sorry if you'll make the donation!

The final version, I'm guessing, will be towords the end of the year (maybe a Xmas present? :) ).
by joby_toss
01.04.2010, 17:59
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Multi Rename
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Re: Multi Rename

Try entering in the File name field the following:

Code: Select all

[c] - [mp3title]
by joby_toss
09.03.2010, 12:53
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: FC 2008.06b and supercopier
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Re: FC 2008.06b and supercopier

Thank you, faxedhead, it works great!

You could mention replacing "C:\Program Files (x86)\FreeCommander" with "%FcSrcPath%" for portability mode.