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by JohnCLeBlanc
21.08.2019, 18:29
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: SUBST folders appear empty
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SUBST folders appear empty

I use SUBST as follows: C:\Users\John>SUBST D:\: => C:\Cloud\Dropbox\D This screenshot shows that FC shows files properly when using the original location (top pane) but not the substituted location (bottom pane). Windows explorer correctly shows the substituted folder co...
by JohnCLeBlanc
13.04.2019, 03:46
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Set a Default Thumbnail Size
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Re: Set a Default Thumbnail Size

I agree and as well it should be easy to change the thumbnail size the fly for a displayed folder. Sometimes I want to look at large images, sometimes at small. Even Explorer allows 4-5 display sizes.