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by ralfso
14.06.2022, 09:03
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: How to adjust this forum to remove that wasted space at the bottom?
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Re: How to adjust this forum to remove that wasted space at the bottom?

In your personal settings you can sort the topics "newest first".
So you never see the bottom of the forum again.
by ralfso
27.05.2022, 12:39
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: It does not allow to copy folders, whose total length is greater than 256 characters. And with windows explorer if I can
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Re: It does not allow to copy folders, whose total length is greater than 256 characters. And with windows explorer if I

You have to set file operations to "Use FreeCommander"
Tools - Settings - File/folder operations - Tab General ... neral.html
And you have to use the buttons/shortcuts/menu entries for copy/move. Not drag&drop.
by ralfso
09.05.2022, 13:14
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: First time user - missing icons??
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Re: First time user - missing icons??

With the "…" in the details column you can specify your own icons for actions without an icon. Details for a toolbar item Clicking the column "Details" (in an item row) in the list of items opens the following dialog...
by ralfso
11.04.2022, 09:03
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Onedrive folder not synchronising
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Re: Onedrive folder not synchronising

I think this has nothing to do with onedrive. Maybe there are different templates used from FC and from Explorer. (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART\ or maybe online setting) Can you describe how you create a new excel file? And also FC-version, 32-Bit/64-Bit, Windows-versi...
by ralfso
03.01.2022, 19:35
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Version 860 opening
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Re: Version 860 opening

I also noticed this delay long time ago but didn't memorize which FC version it was. For me it's less a delay but a unsorted opening if you have a tree for each filewindow. The time for full opening seems to be nearly equal (less than 1 sec). Both openings with same freecommander.ini. In v810 the op...
by ralfso
26.12.2021, 10:24
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Multi-Rename
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Re: Multi-Rename

I need to original file names to be listed alphabetically, i.e. [image A] 01, [image A] 02, so that they stay in the same order they are originally in when I rename them. ... My issue is that the multi-rename function is not sorting original file names by alphabetical order, resulting in the wrong ...
by ralfso
30.11.2021, 14:03
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Help with Find Duplicate Files
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Re: Help with Find Duplicate Files

...However, that leaves me with several hundred duplicate pairs that have the same size, creation and modification dates (but may or may not have the same filename). The problem is that the Duplicates Selection button only gives you options to select a duplicate for only those three criteria . How ...
by ralfso
23.11.2021, 08:26
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Save settings without Locked Tabs
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Re: Save settings without Locked Tabs

Dreamer wrote: 22.11.2021, 21:34 Or you can exclude the file FreeCommander.tabs.ini - tabs should be saved in this file.
Hi Dreamer,

there is no FreeCommander.tabs.ini in my settings folder, all tabs are saved in FreeCommander.ini.
How can I activate FreeCommander.tabs.ini for saving the tabs?
by ralfso
21.11.2021, 08:56
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Inconsistent subdirectory size units
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Re: Inconsistent subdirectory size units

You can change the "size auto" column to another size column e.g. "size kb" or "size mb". ... files.html
by ralfso
28.10.2021, 10:47
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Folder size & file number
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Re: Folder size & file number

You can configure the "Status bar" to show various items and information: Tools → Settings → View → Status bar Tools - Settings - View - Status bar - Define details https://freecomma...
by ralfso
29.09.2021, 14:15
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: MS Word and Edit New File (SHIFT-F4)
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Re: MS Word and Edit New File (SHIFT-F4)

This is because the empty file isn't a word document.

What's about using context menu >>> New >>> Microsoft Word
(don't know the exact english entries)
by ralfso
07.09.2021, 20:35
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: XE_chm throwing me off...
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Re: XE_chm throwing me off...

Windows 7…10 has a built-in security feature that will block opening the old help-file format "chm" if saved from the internet. You can unblock the local saved *.chm file to see the content. Look at FC FAQ: Or you can use the ...