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by nedalnib
23.05.2021, 00:37
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: App freezes when network storage unavailable
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App freezes when network storage unavailable

Hello. Can you try to improve handling remote folders (network) handle? App freezes when network storage unavailable. I have identified this scenario: connected to work via VPN, have many tabs opened to remote folders. Next VPN is disconnected. If try to access any tab with previously opened remote ...
by nedalnib
17.05.2018, 15:12
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Freezes on Network Shares
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Re: Freezes on Network Shares

I have the same issue. Other scenario to reproduce: 1) I have opened some TABs for external folders (usually like \\192.168.x.x\ ... ) 2) I closed FreeCommander without closing all tabs 3) starting again FreeCommander take ages (around 1 minute) without any visible activity. It looks like FC tries t...