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by sammass
12.02.2018, 18:19
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Topic: FreeCommander XE "not so obvious" settings
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Re: FreeCommander XE "not so obvious" settings

Thanks for the info related to my post yesterday, whether it was for me or not. I think I will start reading the text file. Appreciate :-)
by sammass
12.02.2018, 08:36
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Beginner LOST...
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Beginner LOST...

Hi, My 1TB HD was totally full, so copied it to a clear 3TB HD using Win 7 Explorer. Number of bytes seem somewhat off, so Googled 'how to compare two HD's', several recommendations pointed me to FreeCommander. Downloaded the FC XE - Public and am now totally lost. LOTS of stuff & variables to proba...