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by yesolo
07.12.2015, 08:51
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Topic: Run .bat on current directory?
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Re: Run .bat on current directory?

You may get a button on your favorite apps panel in case if you've already had a .bat file you need. Set the %ActiveDir% parameter for your new fav apps item that will point to the active dir. Icon for the button could be taken from the Windows/System32/shell32.dll Some information about favorite ap...
by yesolo
04.12.2015, 13:01
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: How to start the FC in full screen mode?
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How to start the FC in full screen mode?

Hi all! Does anybody know names of the parameters from FC.ini file responsible for the following actions: 1) Hide title bar 2) Hide task bar 3) Maximize window I'd like to use FC as the system shell instead Explorer, thus I don't need title bar's buttons at all. If there is another way to do this wh...
by yesolo
01.12.2015, 15:26
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Topic: FreeCommander XE "not so obvious" settings
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Re: FreeCommander XE "not so obvious" settings

Is there a setting in FC.ini which allow to load FC in Full Screen mode (like after pressing F11) or a setting allowing to load FC without title bar?

Something like:
LoadInFullSizeMode = 1
TitleBarOff = 1