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by Blister2
21.03.2019, 00:12
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Topic: Paste, scroll to, and highlight
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Paste, scroll to, and highlight

Is there a setting such that when I paste a copied file or directory, FC will automatically scroll to it in the new location and highlight it?

I've been looking thru settings, but must have missed it if it's there.

by Blister2
26.09.2015, 18:06
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Blocking Keyboard Shortcuts(?)
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Blocking Keyboard Shortcuts(?)

I use an old reminder app (MS Sched+) that I like very much--except for one thing: when a reminder pops up, it comes up on top (good), and steals the keyboard input (bad). The popup has built-in shortcut keys, and if I'm in the middle of typing something when the popup comes up, I sometimes hit one ...
by Blister2
26.09.2015, 17:48
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Collapse Previous Directory(?)
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Collapse Previous Directory(?)

I'm coming to FC from Cubic Explorer, which doesn't seem to be supported anymore. One of the settings I really like in CE was "auto-collapse". When clicking around in the directory tree, the newly-selected directory would be expanded, and the previously-selected directory would be collapsed. I've be...
by Blister2
27.08.2015, 16:16
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Side-by-Side
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Re: Side-by-Side

Thank you Marek! Works like a charm.