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by dbock
30.07.2008, 04:20
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: R360 - FTP Show file attributes as number
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R360 - FTP Show file attributes as number

The FTP option 'Show file attributes as number' is not saving for me after installing beta R360.
by dbock
29.07.2008, 07:05
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Custom background color for Folder path - Inactive panel
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Inactive header background color

I second this request.

I would love to be able to change the background color for the inactive address bar/header in the pane. An option to make both active and inactive gradients, like the tab backgrounds, would really be a nice addition as well.
by dbock
29.07.2008, 04:13
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Single tree for both panes
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Single tree for both panes

I would first like to say thank you to the creators and supporters of FreeCommander. I decided to change file managers over the weekend, and installed over 12 of them in my search. This program was the best fit for me, and the winner. It is a wonderful file manager. It would be great if there was an...
by dbock
29.07.2008, 03:46
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: ftp copy from any pane with drag and drop and edit
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The ftp in FreeCommander works perfectly for me, with the exception of drag and drop. This is a very minor thing as f5 or the copy button works fine, but this would be icing on the cake. I am now using FreeCommander in the place of Filezilla for all of my ftp needs. I was able to edit text files dir...