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by smuta2006
22.06.2008, 14:23
Forum: Resolved Bugs, Issues, Requests
Topic: Cursors and tooltips
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Cursors and tooltips

Under Windows Vista if you put a mouse cursor under the file which has been already selected, the text becomes unreadable because of colors (white on blue). I've tried to change colors in Settings ( Extras -> Settings ... -> Select items and Extras -> Settings ... -> View -> Colors/Font ), but I did...
by smuta2006
22.06.2008, 13:45
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Customize Toolbars is mis-behaving
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Big icons

Unfortunately I cannot use big icons in toolbar under Windows Vista. When I choose the option "Use big icons" icons themselves remain small/old-style, while a small artifact appears on the toolbar (see image). Moreover in prev...
by smuta2006
22.06.2008, 13:37
Forum: Resolved Bugs, Issues, Requests
Topic: Graphical glitch in 2008.06
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Buttons remain selected

Three buttons "Copy full path as text", "Root" and "Go up" (from the right of the Folder Path toolbar) remain "selected" if you point a mouse cursor on them and then take mouse away (see image). The only way to restore "unselected" appearance of thes...
by smuta2006
22.06.2008, 13:35
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Explorer menu access
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Explorer menu access

From the times of Norton Commander some people - and me among them - consider it convenient to use use right mouse button for selecting files (NC-mode in FreeCommander). But the access to Explorer menu should be convenient as well. If you choose Select files in NC-mode in Extras -> Settings ... -> S...
by smuta2006
22.06.2008, 13:28
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Support for other archives (7-Zip, lzh...)
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7-Zip support

I agree that a full support of 7-Zip format (open source software) in FreeCommander is desirable.