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by casper520
03.02.2015, 02:04
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Columns auto-resize not correct
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Columns auto-resize not correct

I am using FC XE 2015 build 685 on Win XP.

I setting - fc_default_view - Define columns - Autosize for "Name" column.

But it still not correct in list view:

by casper520
14.07.2014, 01:19
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Move up
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Move up

Please add function to move file to up directory.

C:\My Documents\fileA.txt
move to

by casper520
29.11.2013, 01:35
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Copy / Move history
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Copy / Move history

I hope copy / move can add history like this:


thank you.