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by srikk
28.07.2014, 10:54
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Last used folders are not saved
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Re: Last used folders are not saved

I am using FCXE Build 665 public Beta.

This problem still occurs in any case. Even if I set the "One tree for both panels" and "Auto save settings - on exit".

Is this fix planned in next build?

by srikk
03.12.2013, 07:53
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Saving Tab Groups.
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Saving Tab Groups.

FreeCommander is a great tool.

I miss one feature: saving tab groups.

Will this be available in future releases?

User can right click on the tab bar and save tabs of either both the panes or any one.
Later he can reload the groups.

This feature is available in DOpus.
by srikk
16.10.2013, 16:28
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Context menu option for path Display
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Context menu option for path Display


When we right-click on the path display pane, can we see the windows explorer context menu for folders?

I think this will be a very useful feature, particularly if the folder tree is hidden.