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by jj2007
18.02.2016, 09:23
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Topic: ApphelpSoftBlock missing Windows component
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ApphelpSoftBlock missing Windows component

It seems FC 2009.02b uses agentctl.dll somewhere, the Office Assistant: "The program requests MSVBVM50.DLL, not included in this version of Windows" - which is Win7-64.

Btw has the context menu issue been resolved? It takes often 5-10 seconds until it opens on right-click.
by jj2007
07.06.2013, 07:17
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Suggestions from a "keyboard person"
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Suggestions from a "keyboard person"

Hi Marek, After sticking more than ten years with your competition I decided to try FreeCommander. WOW :!: It's fast, and very well designed. I changed a few keyboard shortcuts to fit my grown habits, and it works just fine. Please take the handful of suggestions below as a compliment - I would not ...