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by crishog
13.02.2020, 14:54
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Topic: PDF Viewer
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PDF Viewer

I have a PC without Adobe Acrobat - it used sumatra pdf reader for viewing PDFs When I use the Quick view panel it is fine for images & text files but just gives a blank panel for .PDF files I have tried setting the external viewer to use Sumatra, but I'm obviously setting it up incorrectly - I have...
by crishog
24.04.2014, 21:25
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Topic: Sort columns do not respond to clicking
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Re: Sort columns do not respond to clicking

Sometimes it seems to be confused: in tools > settings> View > file/folder list > sorting - the "sort folders always by name" is not checked - but Free commander thinks it is.

Check it, save the settings, uncheck it and save again. This clears the "hidden" setting & column sorting is re-enabled.