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by drees-clark
20.02.2012, 11:09
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: NTFS hardlinks and junctions
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NTFS hardlinks and junctions

The possibility to create hardlinks of files and junctions of folders across the active and inactive Freecommander folders would be greatly appreciated. Or maybe have I overseen that this functionality is already there?

Using fsutil doesn't work, because it needs administrative privileges... :-(
by drees-clark
20.02.2012, 11:03
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: comments to files/folders
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Re: comments to files/folders


As a workaround: Maybe (haven't tried myself) you can set up file filters to show different file types in different colours.
by drees-clark
20.02.2012, 11:00
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: copy queue
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Re: copy queue

Check the tool 'Tera Copy'. It has a copy queue and can be easily integrated into Freecommander.