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by PeCe
29.12.2013, 15:58
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Colouring problem - help needed
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Re: Colouring problem - help needed

Since I use a different Windows theme, I do not have this "problem", just for test changed to Windows Aero and did some tests, checked the ini's but like you I can not find a way to change the colours of the columnbar. There are many bars/menu's/displayed items you can manipulate, but not the column...
by PeCe
22.05.2012, 13:38
Forum: Resolved Bugs, Issues, Requests
Topic: 593 Home and End in file pane?
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Re: 593 Home and End in file pane?

Same here, after the upgrade to 593 I can not navigate to the start or end of a file list with the [home] or [end] key. So for now I use page_up or page_down, but that is only a workaround and not as easy as before with [home] and [end] In the previous versions these keys worked as you expect them t...
by PeCe
06.02.2012, 21:36
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Folder tree panel
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Re: Folder tree panel

As far as I know this problem is present after a fresh installation OR after removing all INI files. When I start FreeCommander XE without any INI-files this problem is present in the TREE-colors. Seen after enabling the Tree (in view) and also in [extras] - [settings] - [view] - [tree] - the color ...
by PeCe
29.01.2012, 18:35
Forum: Translation
Topic: Wrong description
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Re: Wrong description

I guess it is not only a duplicate label at the moment, it is also not translated yet, in the other languages it also shows the same picture ("show in" and "toolbar" (twice)).
Thanks for mentioning this error.
by PeCe
22.12.2011, 11:40
Forum: Translation
Topic: New term for "Flat View" needed
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Re: New term for "Flat View" needed

Like Uwe I find structureless view a little to long, although it is a good explanation of the view.

For me "plain view" sounds best.