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by krustybaguette
12.04.2011, 12:23
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Topic: FTP, Linux
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FTP, Linux

I've seen on this board comment to the effect that File Commander won't run in Linux. True that there apparently is no native version of FC, but I have it running under WINE. My reason is that I am running a dual boot system (Win7 and LinuxMint 10 with a Netgear router (N600 WNDR3400) which has a us...
by krustybaguette
11.04.2011, 16:01
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Will FreeCommander Come to Linux?
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Re: Will FreeCommander Come to Linux?

I just did a search for 'Linux', sure that this has already been asked but I didn't see it. Will FreeCommander ever be a cross platform solution - running on Windows, Linux, OSX? I like its minimal interface etc and would like to run FC on all three of my machines (one for each OS). Thanks! This th...