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by ace105
09.02.2011, 20:21
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Command-Line Arguments
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Re: Command-Line Arguments

It is good to know this! ifound from google search this page

but I use layouts to save tabs and panes and tree et. al. Can layout be caused from arguments??
by ace105
09.02.2011, 17:21
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Multi-Rename Tool
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Re: Multi-Rename Tool

I maybe think u reply to wrong thread. This thread for the Beta version! I make note: in my copy of Beta version, multi-rename option is de-activated! I hope it comeback. Can I make bold? I make suggestion for developer to look little at program called ExploreXP. It is not a good file manager. It is...
by ace105
09.02.2011, 16:58
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Topic: Another Single Click mode prob-dbl click to go to parent dir
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Another Single Click mode prob-dbl click to go to parent dir

Hello, like the previous post, I also use single click to open files and folders, and I am also experiencing the problem where dragging to select multiple files produces a click if i let go of the mouse button while over top of a file. But there is a another similar problem I am experiencing. My pro...