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by lujomu
09.07.2019, 12:52
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Command line does not follow shortcut (fully)
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Command line does not follow shortcut (fully)

This is more a minor inconsitency than a real bug, but I thought I'd report it. Providing a file path as command line argument results in FC openening the containing folder and selecting the file (as expected). Example: FreeCommander.exe /C /T /R="%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" Opens...
by lujomu
18.07.2013, 21:21
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Portable Tera Copy problem
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Re: Portable Tera Copy problem

Hi peter77, If I am not mistaken, those two actions work only for copy/move operations from the active to the inactive panel . I.e. they are one step operations invoked only by the menu options File>Copy / File>Move , by the corresponding keyboard shortcuts [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[C] / [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[X] or...
by lujomu
18.07.2013, 20:58
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: "Portable" version?
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Re: "Portable" version?

If you download the ZIP version of FreeCommander 2009 from (almost at the bottom of the page) there is no need for any installation. Just unzip and go!
by lujomu
02.05.2009, 10:51
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Open this directory in the other tab
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If you use [ALT]+[MMB] on a folder, it opens in a new tab in the other pane. Is that what you are looking for?
by lujomu
02.05.2009, 10:38
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: use custom program to open files (double click)
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I would love to see this functionality too! That would make FreeCommander completely independet from the windows file associations . For the standard user this might be trivial, but as leo_dk said, if you use FreeCommander as your portable file manager on multiple computers, this could be THE killer...
by lujomu
01.05.2009, 14:36
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Renaming after click when the listview isn't focused
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I noticed this behaviour too some time ago: If you click on a selected (highlighted) file/folder in the inactive panel, the cursor for renaming appears, instead of just giving focus to this panel.

Still occures in version 2009.02.