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by Johnmendez
02.04.2021, 12:12
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Topic: where do I get plugins
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Re: where do I get plugins

I have been facing the issue program can’t start because ZIP.DLL is missing from your computer. any help. Are you looking to download ZIP.DLL or need a solution to fix the “ZIP.DLL is missing on your computer” error? Here you can find all the necessary information to resolve your issue and get rid ...
by Johnmendez
01.04.2021, 12:08
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Topic: How to Rename Extension of Group of Files
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Re: How to Rename Extension of Group of Files

Show filename extensions if you haven't done so.
Click the file for which you want to change the file extension to select it, and then click F2 to make the filename and extension editable.
Select the extension to highlight it, type another extension, and press Enter to confirm it.
by Johnmendez
31.03.2021, 15:07
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Topic: Undo when deleting file
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Re: Undo when deleting file

ralfso wrote: 18.03.2021, 12:12 Recycle bin should not be used like a normal folder, you should empty recycle bin from time to time so that you haven't wait for listing the deleted files of the last year.
I agree with you