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by elvad
26.09.2009, 14:35
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Small bug in NC selection mode
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Small bug in NC selection mode

FreeCommander 2009.02, Windows XP SP3
When I press right mouse button and quickly select about 20 files, some of them are not selected. Amount of unselected files depends on the speed of selection.

Spasibo za FreeCommander!
by elvad
02.08.2008, 14:15
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Small bug
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Small bug

I use NC mode of selection. I press right mouse button and select some files When the cursor descend a little lower than last file this message appears
by elvad
16.05.2008, 07:48
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Return from Image browser
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Return from Image browser

When I return from Image browser view to Detail view the previous size of all columns changes (may be to default). And I have to resize all columns again.
by elvad
16.05.2008, 07:25
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Click on active Tab
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Click on active Tab

I use Tabs, locked with navigation. For example I click Tab "Music", then I navigate in this Tab through different folders on different logiс disks. When I want to return to folder "Music", I have to click on another Tab and then click to Tab "Music" or use History list...
by elvad
06.11.2007, 13:12
Forum: Resolved Bugs, Issues, Requests
Topic: Multirename tool
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Multirename tool

This feature would be very usefull in so multifunction file manager