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by the_dutchman
21.06.2020, 01:25
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Comments Tab
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Comments Tab

Is there a way to use the Comments Tab?
If not just remove the "Comments tab" out of the programm.

Files.bbs and descript.ion are stil used by many Take Command and PC users.
Many will be thankfull if you add the function.
by the_dutchman
12.04.2020, 22:53
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Please support Descript.ion comments
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Re: Please support Descript.ion comments

ACDSee and other programs use descript.ion to this day. JPSoft Takecommand is not dead and a extended command interpreter is in normal use. In Totalcommander you can use Files.bbs or Descript.ion. Freecommander is a good program but with no support for a extended commandinterpreter and no support fo...