Main menu - File - Verify MD5-checksums

Activating the menu item "File → Verify MD5-checksums" or the "Enter" key opens the dialog "Verify MD5-Checksums", where the MD5-Checksums for all MD5-files selected in the active panel can be verified. If on activating the function files with extensions unlike "MD5" are also selected, the following error message is shown:

Message-Digest Algorithm 5 (MD5) is a widely used cryptographic hash function, that creates a 128-bit hash value (checksum) over any message.

The dialog "Verify MD5-Checksums" allows to verify, if files (listed in the MD5-file) have changed since the creation of the MD5-file.

The "Verify MD5-Checksums" dialog contains the tabs

the information bar

and the buttons

Tab Operation

Selected item(s)

The content displayed under "Selected item(s)" differs according to the number of MD5-files selected in the active panel:

If several files are selected, the number of files is displayed under "Selected item(s)".


The folder from where the MD5-files are selected is displayed under "from".


Include only files of this type:

Tab Files

The tab "Files" lists all files that have to be verified.

Initially only the columns "Name" and "Path" are filled. The columns "MD5" and "Error message" are filled only after activating the button "Run".


Activating the button reloads all files. This may be useful if they can be processed from various workspaces.

Quick filter bar

The quick filter provides the possibility to decrease the number of files for which the checksums have to be verified.

After activating the button a selection list is shown, with the last inputs (filters) in this field. Clicking the button activates the highlighted filter.

Tab Settings

Under the tab "Settings" further settings for the "Verify MD5-Checksums" process can be defined.

Auto close for successful operation

If this option is checked, the "Verify MD5-checksums" dialog is closed automatically, as soon as all processes are successfully completed.

Auto close for canceled operation

If this option is checked, the "Verify MD5-checksums" dialog is closed automatically, after one process was canceled.

Use uppercase for display the sum

If this option is checked, the characters in the MD5-checksums are shown in capitals.

Count for worker threads

To speed up the MD5-checksum calculation, the number of background processes can be increased. With this several checksums can be calculated parallel.

Save relative paths

If this option is checked, the relative paths are stored instead of the absolute paths.

Information bar: ...files ...folders

In the "Verify MD5-checksums" dialog the information bar (lowest window line) " ...files ...folders" shows the information how many files are to be verified. On opening the dialog the bar is invisible. Whenever the tab "Files" or the button "Run" are activated, the files to be verified are loaded and their number is shown. The number of files shown in the information bar can be different from the number shown under "Selected item(s)". The differences may result from:

Button Run

After activating the button the verify MD5-checksums calculation process is started for all items to be verified.

The "Verify MD5-checksums" dialog shows the following modifications:

Copy to clipboard

After activating the button the file names, paths and MD5-checksums are copied to the clipboard.

Show only errors

After activating the button only files are shown during their calculation or verification an error occurred.

Verification progress

The verification progress is visualized in a progress bar below the item list.

Verification status of the files

In the file list each file is preceded by an icon that shows the verification status of the file:

The message bar shows the actually verified file.

Button Cancel

Activating the button "Cancel", cancels the verification process and closes the "Verify MD5-checksums" dialog.