Tools - Settings - Shell Menu

Under "Tools → Settings → Shell-Menu" the following settings can be defined:

The Windows context menu (Shell Menu) is shown after right clicking a drive, a file, a folder or a link.

Add "Open with FreeCommander" item to context menu for

Under "Add Open with FreeCommander item to context menu for" can be defined, that the context menu item "Open with FreeCommander" is shown after right clicking:

Start program

Under "Start program" can be defined, that opening an item using the context menu item "Open with FreeCommander" always is in:

Load items in

Under "Load items in" can be defined in which panel the item is opened:

Button "Update Registry"

All changes to this settings are stored in the registry.

Activating the button "Update registry" saves all changes.

Therefore activating the buttons "Apply", "OK" and (after activating the button "Update registry") "Cancel" has no effect.