Overview of the user interface - Quick filter

The position of the quick filter in the main window is shown in chapter "Overview of the user interface".

The quick filter provides the possibility to decrease the number of shown folders and files. It is sufficient to type a filter string in the "Quick filter input field" (at the right end of the status bar) to filter files and folders quickly. Only files and folders are shown then, whose names contain the quick filter string.

Under the menu item "Tools → Settings → Quick search/filter/starter" can be defined (among other settings), if the the "Quick filter bar" is shown always.

Activating the quick filter

As soon as the focus is on the "Quick filter input field" and the first character is typed, the quick filter is activated and the button behind the input field is switched from to . Clicking activates the quick filter - clicking deactivates it.

Shortcut "Ctrl+Y"

The shortcut "Ctrl+Y" activates the "quick filter bar" in the active panel, if the option "Quick filter bar always visible" is not checked under "Tools → Settings → Quick search/filter/starter".

The shortcut "Ctrl+Y" switches the focus in the active panel from the "input field of the quick filter" to the file/folder list, and vice versa.

If the option "Hotkey activates filter when field is not empty" is checked under "Tools → Settings → Quick search/filter/starter" and the quick filter input field is not empty, it is switched additionally between activated and deactivated filter.

Right-clicking the "quick filter bar"

After right-clicking

Examples for editing the quick filter input field

If the setting "Auto add wildcards "*" is checked under the menu item "Tools → Settings → Quick search/filter/starter", the filter will find files and folders that contain the filter string anywhere in their names. If it is not checked, the filter will search only from the beginning of names.