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FreeCommander XE on Windows x64

Comments on FreeCommander XE 32-bit version.

Like all 32-bit programs on Windows x64, FreeCommander is subject to the following restrictions:


From Windows Vista x64 on, "Sysnative" is a hidden alias for the genuine "System32" folder.

So to access the genuine "%windir%\system32" folder, "%windir%\sysnative" can be used.

Under the menu item "Favorites → Favorites edit..." a new favorite can be added, with "%windir%\sysnative" in the input field "active panel".

Another possibility is a symbolic link. Automatic redirection of folders is not active for 32-bit programs if the program accesses the folder via a symbolic link. So it is sufficient to define a symbolic link for the folder "%windir%\system32" to access the genuine "%windir%\system32" folder.



Symbolic links should be used only by experienced users.