FreeCommander - Copyright

Thanks to all users who assisted in creating the FreeCommander help file.

Thanks to Scott Youngman for editing the sections "FreeCommander" and "Tools" of the English help file.

FreeCommander: ©2004-2023 Marek Jasinski,,

Online help: ©2023 Marek Jasinski,

FreeCommander uses the following programs and software libraries

Inno Setup by Jordan Russell

GraphicEx image library

TATViewer, Junctions by Alexey Torgashin

Mustangpeak Common Library by Jim Kueneman

Drag and Drop Component Suite by Anders Melander

madExcept by Systemsoftware Mathias Rauen

CCR Exif by Chris Rolliston

Id3Lib  by Thomas Koos,  

IJL15.dll © Intel Corp.

Window State, MD5 Message Digest Unit - Components by Peter Johnson

TFindFile by Kambiz R. Khojasteh 

unrar.dll, unrar64.dll by Alexander Roshal

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