Tools - Settings - Start program -
Tab Configuration folder

Under "Tools → Settings → Start program" in the tab "Configuration folder", the user may change the folder that contains the configuration files.

If FreeCommander is installed by the install file "FreeCommanderXE_setup.exe", the configuration folder is created as follows:

C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Local Settings\Application Data\FreeCommanderXE\Settings

In this case the settings are saved separately for each user. The location of the configuration folder should be changed only if there is a special reason to store settings in another place. This could be the case if FreeCommander is installed on a USB stick for portable use.

The location of the configuration folder is stored in the file "fcStart.ini". Normally this file does not exist, but it will be created automatically in the install folder if the location of the configuration folder is changed. Write permission is required for both the install folder and the file "fcStart.ini".

Load config files from the folder

The subfolder "SETTINGS" (containing the configuration files) will be automatically created in the folder specified here. There are three options for the location of the configuration folder:

The actual values for the wild cards %FcSrcDrive% and %FcSrcPath% may be found under the menu item "Help About..."

Currently used folder

The current configuration folder is shown here.