Main menu - Help - Check for updates

Activating the menu item "Help → Check for updates" checks online if a new update is available for the actually used FreeCommander version.

The currently used version of FreeCommander is the latest version

If currently the latest version of FreeCommander is used, a message appears: "FreeCommander is up to date".

There is a newer version of FreeCommander

If a newer version, as the currently used version, is available, the following window will be opened:

Window title

The window title shows the currently used version of FreeCommander.

Latest available version

At the top of the window the latest available version is shown

Table with changes

The following table lists the newer versions and their changes.


Activating the link "Downloads", opens the FreeCommander download page.

Full list of changes

Activating the link "Full list of changes", opens the FreeCommander online page with the complete list of versions and their changes.

Check for updates

The selection field "Check for updates" allows to choose how often FreeCommander should check for new updates.


Activating the button "OK" closes the window and saves the update search frequency.