Donate to support FreeCommander development

FreeCommander is a freeware program. You can use this software without any fees to pay. Let me mark that to be able to offer you the program in this state, I used very much of my spare time in the last years. Of course, I have to pay the webhosting including the traffic that isn’t very low, software licences etc. So if you like FreeCommander and find it useful, I would be very happy if you consider donating to the project.

What do you get for your donation?

For a donation of 2 or 2.50 EUR you receive a download link to the 64-bit donor version (no restrictions). The link is only for one download of the version “FreeCommander XE 2015 Build 685 64-bit donor” and it is valid for 24 hours. This donation is possible via PayPal only and only through the following button:

The download link will be sent to you when PayPal payment is complete. Please check if your PayPal email address is correct.

If you donate at least 10 EUR (ca. 15 USD) you get a permanent access to the beta site. With the access to the beta site you can download the 32 and 64 bit versions.

After you have donated – I send you email with the info how you can access the downloads. This can take up to 24 hours. Please check if your email address used for PayPal or share-it is valid.
If you don’t receive reply, please check your Spam folder and antispam filters. If you find the reply in Spam folder, please mark the message as Not Spam. This will help you and other users receive e-mail in time.

How to donate?

You can process the donation over PayPal. Simply click on this button – free definable amount:


Predefined amount 15 EUR:

Predefined amount 20 EUR:

With predefined buttons the download link to the 64 bit version will be sent to you immediately after PayPal payment is complete.

If you experience any problem with sending the donation, please let me know.

If you want to get an invoice, donate with share-it.


Choose: 20 €, 50 €, 100 €.

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